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Stopping Package Thieves

The rise of eCommerce has meant a rise in package delivery, which naturally means a rise in theft. According to a 2019 report from C+R Research, 36% of American have had a package stolen from their porch/front steps at least once. That’s a ton of Amazon orders down the drain.

This is unfortunate but not unexpected. Most households have older mailboxes, made more for letters and flyers than boxes and envelopes. It’s no wonder the mailman simply drops the delivery on the porch. Still, it leaves the homeowner open to thieves, or “porch pirates,” as they’re called.

Porch pirates strike randomly and quickly, so it’s important to have a good defense ready. There are many different strategies, but here’s some of the most effective:

  • Deliver to one of Amazon’s pickup locations. These are usually post offices in your local area. This option is no doubt the safest, but it’s not the most convenient
  • Asking a neighbor to pickup the package for you. This is pretty safe, though it depends on your neighbor picking up the parcel at the right time
  • Installing a surveillance camera or a Ring device is always prudent, though in the case of porch theft, it usually just records the act
  • Making use of an anti-theft mailbox, which stores deliveries securely

Until recently, that last one has been the most elusive, yet the most reliable. But package theft prevention boxes like the Danby Parcel Guard are making it easier than even to safeguard your home.

The Parcel Guard’s anti theft drop slot hides your items from potential thieves. It can only be opened with your permission, which is why it’s a highly effective delivery method.

Most parcel sizes fit in the smart mailbox’s compartment, which features a tamper alarm that alerts you when someone’s up to no good.

However, I believe the strongest case for the Parcel Guard is simple aesthetics. Porch pirates are creatures of convenience, and when you hide a parcel behind a structured plastic wall, it adds a lot of friction to a swiping job. That split second decision to steal is considerably longer!

Whatever you use to protect your parcels, its crucial to have something. We’re only going to be ordering online a lot more often, especially as so many more people work from home. That means porch theft will have to be marginalized. I recommend the Danby Parcel Guard. You can take a closer look below:

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