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Make Mail Safe Again!

As the world grows more and more reliant on eCommerce and the home delivery of parcels, the need to keep your packages safe is imperative. It’s pretty easy for a “porch pirate” to simply walk by and swipe your Amazon delivery or your Doordash order.

Believe it or not, porch theft is a major reason why some people refuse to buy online. I know I was especially reluctant for a while, considering most of my time was spent outside of home.

We see it all the time: the mailman/delivery worker drops your order off at your front step, often when no one is home, leaving your items ripe for the plucking. Ring cameras capture this everyday, and you’ve probably seen the viral videos to show for it.

This isn’t all the mailman’s fault though: most of us still have simple mailboxes more fit for letters and flyers than clothes, appliances and other things we’ve become used to buying online.

In a culture rapidly adapting to social distancing, porch theft must become a thing of the past, and to move us along that path, here’s what Danby has introduced:

The Danby Parcel Guard mailbox is built to make online purchases as safe as regular ones. All the mailman does is drop the package into the mailbox, and your item is secured against weather damage and theft.

Made to, well, Guard, the Danby mailbox secures to the ground with bolts, providing even more of a deterrent against thieves. The motion sensor automatically triggers a video recording when it detects activity, but in case some brave soul decides to try their luck, the Parcel Guard’s tamper alarm alerts you to inspect the danger.

As a smart mailbox, its HD camera streams everything it sees straight to your phone. This all puts us, the home residents, in control of our items.

Smart package lockers like the Parcel Guard are the future of home delivery, and represent the next step in the adoption of eCommerce around the world.

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