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Stopping Porch Pirates

Modern technology makes it hard to be truly anonymous, even while stealing. We’ve all seen viral Ring footage at some point or another. You know the kind: a porch pirate swipes a parcel in full view of an HD camera, often in broad daylight.

Package theft has always been a thing, but it’s only increased in recent years as more people shop online. Seeing how it’s not always possible to watch the door for the mailman, we often let them leave our orders on the front door, where any passerby can run up and grab it.

Doorbell cameras, like Ring, help us identify our thieves, but don’t do much to actually stop a robbery. If you want to catch someone stealing your packages, you’re gonna need to do it while they’re in the act, and to do that, you need to be aware your mail is in danger in the first place.

That’s where a smart mailbox comes in. It’s sort of like a package locker, except it goes right on your porch, where a delivery worker can easily slide it into the anti-theft drop slot.

Smart mailboxes come in all sorts of models, but while they all store mail safely, only a few can help you catch porch pirates. Chief among these is the Danby Parcel Guard, a parcel box that features both structural strength and internet connectivity.

The reason the Parcel Guard stands out is because it covers all bases. It protects parcels, but it also has a motion sensor that activates a camera when it senses activity.

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The Parcel Guard’s anti theft slot

On top of that, it also features a package theft alarm: it will notify you (through the Parcel Guard app) when someone has their hands on the mailbox.

And on top of that, it also continuously live-streams camera footage straight to your phone, much like a modern security camera would.

Now, surveillance cameras such as the Ring have various anti-theft features as well. However, the mail is still left exposed.

The crucial difference here is that mailbox like the Parcel Guard both records the thief and denies them their loot. Thanks to the automated recording, the mailbox catches the offender on clear footage, which law enforcement can use to exact justice.

I should also note that the strongest case for a smart package locker like the Parcel Guard is its presence, in and of itself. See, proch piracy is a low friction job. Thieves don’t need to put much though into swiping a box off your porch. The simple act of having something in the way greatly increases said friction. The choice to steal suddenly becomes a lot harder. That alone gives you an advantage.

And at the same time, your parcel remains safe in its compartment. It’s a much more effective way to deter porch pirates, and even if they have the nerve to get in closer, their cover will be all but blown.

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