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Stolen Amazon Parcel?

Had your Amazon package swiped recently? You’re not alone. A whopping 1.7 million(!) packages are stolen in the U.S every day. That’s a ton of theft, and the worst thing is, it will only continue to increase as we rely more and more on online shopping.

You can’t blame porch pirates for being so active: there’s so little friction involved here. They could just be taking a morning stroll and come across an empty home with a shiny parcel just sitting there. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Sure, there might be a Ring camera capturing their face, but what good is that if they aren’t physically deterred? All you get is a video of your goods being snatched.

Both delivery services, such as UPS, and Amazon have taken measures to stop porch theft. The most notable is the rise of “pickup centers,” which are usually post offices, where you can simply drive and grab your order. This is pretty safe, but not the most convenient.

Amazon has introduced Key, a system where the deliveryman actually enters your house and leaves the package. I personally like this idea, but I don’t think it’s one that will catch on. Amazon isn’t known for its commitment to privacy, and random workers entering your empty home is a bit of a stretch for most people.

Video doorbells are getting more and more popular, but as previously stated, they’re not much help during a theft.

One newer solution might end up being the future of home delivery, though. A smart mailbox lets delivery workers leave your packages in a safe locker on your porch, hiding it away from passing thieves.

There are a few of these smart package lockers going around, but the most versatile one is the Danby Parcel Guard. Danby’s mailbox hides all mail beneath an anti-theft drop slot, which prevents porch pirates fromĀ  taking your goods.

The mailbox comes with an app which notifies you when a package has been delivered, meaning your parcels stay outside for less time. The camera also continually live streams the action, and automatically starts recording when it senses activity. You’re always in the know.

The Parcel Guard guide, shown below, explains how it all works.

Most people want to do a good job, and given the opportunity, they will. Amazon’s delivery workers don’t necessarily prefer to leave boxes at the front door. They only do it out of necessity. Innovations like the Parcel Guard let mailmen securely deliver packages in minimum time.

Though a mailbox like this is powerful enough in and of itself, it’s mere presence will do a lot to cut down on crime. Namely, it increases friction. If we can make it harder for thieves to even try swiping a parcel, less will gather the energy to try. Besides the anti-theft slot and the HD camera, the Parcel Guard smart mailbox also features a package theft alarm that notifies you when someone is trying to force their way in.

That’s a lot of obstacles to withstand for one toaster oven. And that’s why smart mailboxes are so effective at protecting your mail.

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